Enterprise Applications

We provide EA which is scalable, secure, robust with prime importance on User experience. We also provide Real-Time Connectivity and Cloud storage for Enterprise Applications.

Big Data & Analytics

We uses a number of techniques for Big Data analytics, such as distributed storage, tiered storage, and parallel processing. Some of the many Big Data analytics tools are also available which includes Hadoop, NoSQL and Google Analytics.

Mobile Applications

We provide customization of the apps, with Social integration & maintain the relevancy. We work for all platforms including Android, iOs etc.

Modernizations of App

We setup right infrastructure, create right platforms, build awesome applications and streamline all processes and be a prime partner for digital transformation.

Cloud computing may be called as computing that is based entirely on the internet. Cloud computing services help to access applications through the medium of internet. With help of this medium we:
Szuper provides a 24/7 support to its Clients.

With Cloud Computing we:

Reduce the Client cost

Provide 24 X 7 Availability

Automated Updates on Software


Enhanced Collaboration